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Tyler-Jade Ta moko artist and accomplished painter who works across a variety of mediums.

Tyler-Jade is a talented artist and ta moko practitioner who has been creating since as early as she can remember. A descendant of Rereahu, she grew up in South Auckland where art was always a prominent part of her life.  Drawing from a young age, Tyler-Jade has developed a strong painting practice that draws upon her cultural heritage.  Working with oil and acrylic paints she weaves ta moko and kowhaiwhai patterns with realistic representations of female figures to create striking images of wahine toa. She says that growing up she felt that the feminine energy in her area was low and painting was a way to address this imbalance.
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Her natural graphic and storytelling ability has translated seamlessly into her ta moko practice. In 2013 Tyler-Jade began working with the House of Natives, headed by reputable ta moko artist Gordon Toi who asked her to take up ta moko. Tyler-Jade apprenticed with the House of Natives crew under the guidance of Gordon for two years and is thankful for the opportunity she was given to learn from such a talented and knowledgeable artist. Ta moko has added another dimension to her artistic identity and she enjoys getting to know her clients and bringing their stories to life through a combination of contemporary design and ancient markings.