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We believe that echoes of the past weave the Karanga of the future. Karanga Ink kaupapa is to reflect an evolution from ancient symbology to contemporary Indigenous markings.


  • Empowerment of Aotearoa Indigenious artists (tattooists)
  • A global promotion of cultural heritage
  • Network of artists that will contribute to the fostering of Aotearoa creative sector
  • Provide a platform for sharing knowledge, skills and cultural understandings
  • Mentoring the next generation
  • Expression of identities and cultures through tattoo art
  • Cultivating an encyclopedia of ancient symbology.

Community Space/Vision

Karanga Ink's long-term plans include operating a facility with a focus on community development. We believe in giving back to the community and we intend to contribute to society by empowering the next generation in the areas of tattooing and art mentorship. ‘Echoes of the past weave the karanga of the future’. We plan to achieve this by running youth programs with the aim to further an appreciation of indigenous art. More details will be published when systems have been put in place. Watch this space!